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Uncover the time, money & health needed to live your best life

Uncover the time, money & health needed to live your best life.


Hi, I’m Ginna Larson

A Lifestyle Transformation Expert serving busy professional women who don’t believe they have time to invest in themselves, but deeply desire more flexibility and freedom to choose how to spend their days. Working with me will help you uncover the time and money you need to live the life of your dreams.


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Get Financially Fit

Want to create a life that has a lasting legacy for you, your family, and all the generations that follow, around something you truly care about? The Financially Fit program will give you a set of tools to that guide you in creating the “map” to get to where you want to be, quickly. Start with the Financially Fit online course or go deeper with1:1 monthly coaching.


Get Physically Fit

Wishing you had more energy to pursue the things you really love in life? The Physically Fit program will support you in getting where you need to be physically to ensure you have the energy and vitality to design and start living the life you really, truly deserve.



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Book a complimentary 20 minute discovery call. Perfect for the woman who knows she needs to get things more organized, but isn’t sure where to start.

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