Good is the Enemy of Great

Voltaire said it first, but many have said it since. And it all means the same thing. When we try to be "good" at too many things, we end of being "great" at none of them. And for many people, settling at good enough is....enough.

Doing the work is hard. It really is. I often find myself settling for what is "good enough" because the thought of really pushing to get better is exhausting. And in many areas, it really isn't worth it (let's get real - do I really need to be the best floor duster or laundry folder in town? Ummm NO).

But there are areas where I really do want to be great. So I focus on those areas. For me it starts with being the best mom and wife I can be. I strive for that every day. I don't always achieve it, but I rarely settle for "good enough". And when I feel good about those areas, the rest starts to fall into place and I can get clear on where my efforts are best spent.

Where is an area in your life where you are settling for "good enough"?

Ginna Larson