How I Built a Financial Buffer

Are you prepared?

If something unexpected or scary or life altering happened to you today, are you covered?

Is your family covered?

Can you afford financially to take a cut in income if you needed to step away from your job - even temporarily?

You might be saying to yourself “it won’t happen to me, and if it does, I’ve got all the right insurance.”

I said that too. And we DO have all the right insurance. And if either of us had to temporarily step away from our jobs, we have short term disability. But that only covers 60%, up to a maximum amount. That maximum amount is significantly less than I currently earn at my job. So on paper, it seems a little scary to think about those “what if’s”....

But I did have the unexpected happen to me.  Except we ARE covered and we do have that buffer.

Because a few years ago I said YES to an opportunity that has allowed me to earn a significant secondary residual income. And this is why I will never stop talking about how incredible it is. This business of network marketing - and the company I chose to align myself with - it changes lives.

You might be sitting there thinking you don’t need this. Or you don’t have time. Or you love your job and your career, so why would you look at another opportunity right now? I AM THE REASON WHY. I love my job. I am very successful at it. I have no intentions of changing that. But I also believe very very strongly in the power of multiple income streams.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I wouldn’t be doing it if it was! The most successful people I know in this business are those who have no time. Show me a woman who has a packed calendar, and I’ll show you a success. 💫

So whether you just want a little breathing room in your budget, or you want to make sure you have options if the unexpected happens (because it can and it will) - I would love to talk with you. No strings. No pressure. No bullshit. Just a conversation about how you can build a buffer.  Network Marketing might not be for you (it isn’t for everyone), but the conversation about how to prepare for the unexpected should be.

Are you ready to get financially fit and be able to relax a little knowing you have a financial buffer should anything ever happen? Schedule a 20 minute consultation to learn how!

Ginna Larson