Why Checklists Save My Life

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" -- Benjamin Franklin.

I love this quote. I have lists for everything, every day. This may seem mundane and boring, but I get shit done. I make a list in the morning at home before I turn my phone off airplane mode - things I need to do, buy, prepare, drive someone to.... I make a list for my network marketing business every week of who I need to reach out to, follow up with, book for events, schedule travel..... and I do the same for my job.

This is literally the only way I can survive the pace of my life. And you know what it leaves me? Time. Time to fit in the stuff I WANT to do. Because I plan ahead and make it happen.

Where in your life can you plan ahead and get more done?  If you need help sorting through your calendar and really getting CLEAR on how to prioritize what really matters to you, schedule a 20 minute call with me. Cutting through the crap is a super power of mine!

Are you ready to get financially fit and be able to relax a little knowing you have a financial buffer should anything ever happen? Schedule a 20 minute consultation to learn how!

Ginna Larson